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Introduction of

"The Spins"

Artisanal Cannabis edible


"Making good spins or bad spins,

It’s all up to you.

Hope you enjoy life with tons of good spins."



It seems that lots of Cannabis edible producers are aiming for higher THC levels nowadays. The Spins focuses on far more than THC levels.
As important as THC may be, Cannabis offers us much more than "just" THC. And this is where Spins edibles come in!

We use full spectrum, food grade, cold water extracted Trichomes for our edible creations, and we don't use BHO (Butane Hash Oil), for both human health and environmental concerns. Safe and clean, our lab tested highest-quality Cannabis Trichomes collaborate with the finest ingredients possible.

Whether for instance our smooth and delectable chocolate-covered cherries and exquisite Grand Marnier orange truffles, our luscious and moist rum cakes, or our "decadent" and delicious brown butter Granola bars, you get the maximum medicinal benefits from what Cannabis whole plants can offer you, all "wrapped up" in tasty and pleasurable packages.

We take care nonetheless that our edibles are not too sweet. Sugar content consists of only the necessary amount for each recipe, without overpowering the flavors or healthfullness of the creations. And yes, you can taste actual natural Cannabis, subtle and pleasant, blended in and incorporated with the tastes of our other high quality ingredients.

Give us a try and experience the true medicinal value of Nature's gift, with our delicious edibles designed with your body, soul, and taste buds in mind!

Always love to hear from you. Visit our Instagram! Please let us know any feedback about your experience of our products.

Thank you in advance,

The Spins



Please read warnings before consuming edibles.

Also please check the ingredients for any food allergies and intolerances.

Many items contains alcohol as flavoring extract.



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