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What are the products of "The Spins"?

Please read warnings before consuming edibles.

Also please check the ingredients for any food allergies and intolerances.

Many items contains alcohol as flavoring extract.


# Made with the finest, ingredients we can find.  


# Gluten Free

# Our products are not too sweet. We use only the necessary amount of sugar and/or honey for each recipe.


# No preservatives nor food coloring. 


# Made in a no pets, no small children, no smoke environment.


# Our choice of the safest, natural Cherries right now is from Tillen Farms.


# We cure our Bon Bon Chocolat for weeks. Minimum 7-10 days.


#Due to the characteristics of natural fruit, Bon Bon sizes are vary. Dosages amount are the same however, regardless of cherry size.

#The Spins only uses full spectrum, food grade or smoking grade, cold water extracted Trichomes  for our edible creation. So all the Terpenes (Also medicinal)are there besides of THC and CBD.


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