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Menu and archive of flower, hash, and edible drops:

April 3rd 2022

*Nigerian Silk medallions @ Higher Grounds

April 2nd 2022 @ Higher Grounds

*Nigerian Silk #14

*Triangle Kush X Heirloom Afghani

*Heirloom Afghani

*Frosted Frittlez

*Northern Lights #5 xNorthernLights #1

March 29th @ Beach Boys


*Beyond Kush (n91) 


March 10th 2022

Pielatti Medallions (edible) @ Higher Grounds


February 29th 2022

*Pielatti live rosin 


February 20th 2022 @ Beach Boys

Dying Breed:

*Frosted Frittlez #2 (the flavor pheno)

*Mango Money

*Watermelon Zkittlez

707 Seeds:

*Cat Piss (very small quantity)

Maine Exclusive:

*Triangle Kush X Heirloom Afghani 

*Nigerian Silk #8 & Nigerian Silk #14 (14:1 - 14:8)

The above list of flower is available at Beach Boys. Edibles can be found at Higher Grounds.

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updated on 2/20/22