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Menu and archive for flower, hash, and edible drops:

December 31st @ Higher Grounds

10mg x 10 caps of Pioneer Piff (Ft Collins Cough x Harlem Dreams) + Holy Communion (Piff s2 x Harlem Dreams) Whole Plant Melt (>84 days flowering)

December 29th @ Beach Boys SoPo

1996 Sour Diesel (Albany), Lemon Cooler

November 11th @ Beach Boys SoPo

Gastro Pop, Frosted Frittlez, Mango Money

November 10th @ Beach Boys SoPo

Gastro Pop from Compound Genetics, '96 Sour Diesel, Pastries from Compound Genetics, Pielatti from Cannarado, Terple from In House Genetics, Beyond Kush (n91)


Beyond Kush (n91) rosin, Gastro Pop rosin, '96 Sour Diesel rosin, Frosted Frittlez rosin

October 28th @ Higher Grounds

Red Pepperz from Dying Breed

September 8th 2022 @ Beach Boys

Pioneer Piff from Piff Coast Farms, Lemon Cooler via private stock, Freshie-2-Step from Skunkfoot Farms, Lemon Dough, Frosted Frittlez, Northern Lights 5 x Northern Lights 1 from Deadpan Head


September 4th, 2022 @ Higher Grounds

Pioneer Piff, Frosted Frittlez, NL 5 x NL1, Red Pepperz

Pielatti rosin, Beyond Kush rosin

June 27,2022 @ Beach Boys

Lemon Dough from Cannarado, Terple from In House Genetics, Frosted Frittlez from Dying Breed, Red Pepperz from Dying Breed, different phenotypes of Chemish x Hp13 f2 (Top Dawg) x Cookies n Cream. 

April 3rd 2022

*Nigerian Silk medallions @ Higher Grounds

April 2nd 2022 @ Higher Grounds

*Nigerian Silk #14

*Triangle Kush X Heirloom Afghani

*Heirloom Afghani

*Frosted Frittlez

*Northern Lights #5 xNorthernLights #1

March 29th @ Beach Boys


*Beyond Kush (n91) 


March 10th 2022

Pielatti Medallions (edible) @ Higher Grounds


February 29th 2022

*Pielatti live rosin 


February 20th 2022 @ Beach Boys

Dying Breed:

*Frosted Frittlez #2 (the flavor pheno)

*Mango Money

*Watermelon Zkittlez

707 Seeds:

*Cat Piss (very small quantity)

Maine Exclusive:

*Triangle Kush X Heirloom Afghani 

*Nigerian Silk #8 & Nigerian Silk #14 (14:1 - 14:8)

The above list of flower is available at Beach Boys. Edibles can be found at Higher Grounds.

Wishing you a memorable experience!

updated on 2/20/22

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