Wouldn't you like to know what you consume is safe for your health?

       I assume you made a choice to use cannabis for your health benefits.  
The organic food market has been continuously growing because many people started to think about what is and isn't safe to put in their bodies. I would say your cannabis should be the same. Wouldn't you agree?
Take a look at the map inside of the linked PDF below.


It shows an example how unsafe (more than that, it could be quite harmful to your health and the environment) cannabis could be if you don't pay attention to how growers treat their plants.

         For instance, I personally don't use any rooting hormone. Many cannabis growers don't care that most major brand rooting compounds aren't intended for use on consumable crops. Besides, many of the brands also contain pesticide and/or fungicides. Regarding to pest control, I use beneficial insects. It can be more expensive, needs time and patience, but I choose the most natural way to combat any issue if it may arise.

        Not using synthetics (such as pesticides or bottled nutrients), that was the path I started taking, got my hands on building soil and executed a natural method for growing. My soil is built with home made plant-based compost (no manure). Building my own soil mixture is labor intensive and time consuming work. I always research, test out, gather data of biochemical reactions and interactions. Although not always successful, I do try to do my very best for each batch, always aiming for the next batch to be finer than the previous. I keep working to improve my quality.

        I'm not a good writer nor talker. However you can trust me as a person, especially my honesty and passion for quality oriented work. 







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About my soil and growing method