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Flower :

      $ 270.00/ounce +maine sales tax

      $ 140.00/ 1/2 ounce + maine sales tax

      $  70.00/ 1/4 ounce +maine sales tax

      $ 40.00/ 1/8 ounce +maine sales tax


        Clearance and sale as low as $200.00/ounce






Dry Sieve:

    $ 10.00~80.00/gram depending on quality 


        Example: $10/gram of dry sift

                          $80/gram cleaned 99%heads





Melt ----Ice and water extraction----

 $15.00~ 80.00/gram depending on micron size and quality.


       Example: $80/g fresh frozen 120-90 micron full melt

                         $50/g dry material 120-90 micron full melt

                         $30/gram average

                         $15~20/gram half-melt


            *I generally only consider the 120-70 micron

                     bags the "melt" grade






Rosin :

                          $40 for 1/2 gram

                          $70/gram top shelf

                          $40/gram for mid-grade



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